I wish I learned this when I first started teaching Private Yoga Classes.

Teaching privately is very different from teaching group yoga classes.

You're probably passionate about yoga and sharing this beautiful, healing, and life-altering practice with your students. Perhaps you feel you can make a more meaningful shift in a student's life by teaching one-on-one with them. Maybe you feel more comfortable working with one person instead of a large group. Or you can see where there are students that vitally need personal attention.

These thoughts may be going through your mind:

  • How do I get private yoga students?
  • What happens if they don't come back?
  • I'm not a marketing person, how do I do this?
  • What about insurance and waiver forms?
  • How do I create a safe space for them to trust me?
  • How much do I charge?
  • What happens if I have a difficult client?
  • I'm afraid I'll burn out and won't have enough energy to give to myself or my student.

When I first started teaching private sessions, I didn't know where to start.

I was never given this information in my teacher trainings, that I'm about to give to you. Now running my own teacher training programs, there's too much content to cover already, that teaching private yoga classes needs its own module/course.

I've been teaching yoga for over a decade now, and my mission in the last number of years has been to make teaching yoga accessible for everyone so we can start to shift the consciousness of the planet.

This course is so well rounded to help build the confidence you need in being a well rounded private yoga teacher.

You Will:

✓ Identify what makes you uniquely “you” so you stand out in the sea of other teachers.

✓ Deliver an outstanding, professional service that will leave your students feeling empowered in their life and in love with you as a teacher and your services.

✓ Cultivate a true, long-lasting relationship with your students that keeps them coming back.

✓ Create a safe, inviting space for your students to transform.

✓ Learn how much to charge, how to sort out payments, and create bundle packages.

✓ Know how to create boundaries for yourself and with your students.

✓ Wow your students before their first visit, wow them during the first visit, and keep them coming back for more.

✓ Dive into what a first session looks like so you feel confident, build trust, and leave a lasting impression.

✓ Explore ways to avoid burn out.

✓ Receive a ton of bonus information.

  • Yoga Alliance

    Receive 10 hours of Yoga Alliance non-contact Continuing Education Credits, with your certificate of completion.

  • Convenient

    Study in the comfort of your own home. All modules are released immediately when the program is purchased.

  • Lifetime Access

    Unlimited access to all modules, with video content, manuals, and resources. Content is regularly updated.

Learn to Teach One-On-One Sessions

An online training program for yoga teachers who want to build a business they love and create impactful transformations in people's lives.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Starting with a Rock Solid Foundation

We'll start with the essentials to know your students so you have a successful private yoga business.

  • Learn the secret that will set you apart from other yoga teachers.

  • Avoid the most common pitfall in teaching privates.

  • Uncover your unique gifts that can make a difference in people's lives.

  • Discover what your students truly want and need so you can provide them the best service that will change their life.

Module 2: The Magic Ingredients for Setting Up Your Private Classes

The environment where you and your student have the private session is key - location, supplies, the little touches, safety, and more.

  • Create a unique space that makes the student feel at ease and at home. It's the little touches that go a long way.

  • Explore all the places you can offer private classes and weigh the pros and cons of each.

  • I give you some of my gems for creating a warm space and overcoming some obstacles with in-home sessions.

  • Learn some tips for saving money if you're just starting out, insurance considerations, and how to save on taxes.

  • Find out what the most important ingredient is to wow your students.

Module 3: Setting Your Price

Charging can be daunting, and asking for money may not be something you’re used to. In this module, we take away the nervousness by setting this all up.

  • We dive into factors that affect how much you charge, so you can come to a price that reflects your skills and what your students can afford.

  • I give you a step-by-step calculation I use that works every time.

  • Learn why discounting can hurt your business and the only place where discounts make sense.

  • Discover techniques that creates loyalty to you, and less focus on price.

  • Set up a system that takes the nervousness of getting paid and asking for money out of the equation, so you can focus on what you love to do.

  • I give you sample emails to find ease in setting a lasting impression with your students and to avoid students canceling last minute.

Module 4: Marketing Your Sessions

Even if marketing has never been your thing, in this module, you’ll find ease in developing a marketing strategy that works for you.

  • Dive into 3 crucial elements to marketing your private sessions.

  • Learn how authenticity and vulnerability can help you in your business.

  • I give you my secret formula for developing a clear message that will connect with your potential students.

  • Explore different marketing avenues to get your message out there.

  • Receive a sample email and social media posts to convey your message and gain more students.

  • We dive into why some people may be resistant to taking private classes and how to ease their fears.

Module 5: Wowing Your First Time Students

Establishing a healthy relationship right from the beginning is essential in developing a successful private yoga business. This includes your interaction before you meet your student, how you impress them during their first class and continue to impress them afterward.

  • Learn how to create trust before your student even comes for their first class, so you build a strong relationship and have them sign up within the first class.

  • We go through what you need to know from your student before you take them through their first class.

  • Receive free sample forms (client intake, waiver, and physical assessment), so you can gather information to best understand your student's health, goals, and needs.

  • We'll cover 6 essentials when guiding your student through a yoga practice.

  • I give you tips on getting your client to return.

Module 6: Have Your Students Coming Back for More

It takes a lot to time, energy, and money to gain new students. You want to develop a great relationship with your current students, so they keep coming back. This also helps you and the student see real transformation.

  • We dive into 12 essentials to build trust and loyalty.

  • We explore why and how checking in with your student before and after class keeps them motivated and cultivates transformation.

  • I give you my template for tracking your student's progress.

  • Explore heart-centered ways to make your students feel special.

  • Bonus: we identify characteristics of challenging clients and how to handle them.

Module 7: The Importance of “Me” Time

This is the shortest module but the most vital. Never let your personal yoga and meditation practice slide. You need to teach from a full, well-nourished place within.

  • I give you some of my tips for looking after myself and avoiding burn out.

  • Set goals and come up with an action plan for putting yourself first so you can give to others.

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About The Instructor:

Shanine Dennill

Shanine Dennill

Shanine was introduced to yoga in 1999 while living in South Africa (her birthplace). It wasn’t until she came to Canada in 2001 that she fell deeply in love with yoga. Yoga and meditation became a sanctuary for her during difficult times (especially in times of grief). It's an incredible tool she shares with others to help in their life – for self-care, to alter habits, and to learn the deeper meanings of life.

Shanine has been teaching yoga for over a decade and has completed 2 yoga teacher trainings, 1 meditation facilitator program, several smaller trainings, and workshops, and is currently completing her third yoga teaching training. Every teacher training program has offered her a unique learning experience (alignment, energetics, the stillness of mind, and spirituality). She is also a certified Health Coach.

She opened her yoga studio, Chrysalis Yoga, in 2011, a sanctuary for people to deepen their yoga practice and delve into the deeper aspects of life and yoga. She created her first yoga teacher training program in 2012. Teaching other teachers to teach is her greatest joy - to help raise the consciousness of this planet. Many of her teacher training graduates have gone on to teach yoga across the Greater Toronto Area in her studio, other studios, gyms, events, and privately.

In her free time, she loves to spend hours in nature, hiking with her dog companion, Rihanna.


Teach 4* private yoga classes to see the return on your investment in the program.

*Dependent on how much you charge per private yoga class.

What Yoga Teachers Say About the Course

“The opportunity to take this course was a true honor and privilege, as I am wanting to teach private one-on-ones and had no idea of how to go about it and didn't know where to start. I took this course in order to begin teaching my own private sessions in a confident way, that would help set me up for success. This course provided me with some wonderful strategies that I could incorporate my goals and vision into going forward. The workbooks really help you gain focus and perspective as to who you want to teach and the kind of teacher you want to be. The modules are easy to follow, and there are some great ideas for teachers on discovering their unique qualities and gifts. I really appreciated the sample letters provided and found them to be extremely helpful. Another section that I found most helpful was the financial section, discussing in more detail about promotions, setting up your business and insurance tips. What I favoured most about the program was taking it at my own pace. I felt the videos, along with the exercises, helped put the content into perspective and helped me to figure out what my goals and ambitions as a private teacher are. I would recommend this program to all inspiring teachers/coaches. Even if one doesn't want to teach private sessions, the information in each module is extremely valuable. I am extremely excited to begin my journey as a private yoga teacher!”

Cailey S.Cailey S.

“This is THE course to take if you’re serious about teaching private yoga sessions. Shanine walks you through a heart centred private session methodology and provides you with the tool kit to take your business to the next level. Be prepared to open yourself up as Shanine coaches you through the process and provides all the necessary resources and thought-provoking questions you need to be successful at teaching private yoga sessions.”

Ryan D.Ryan D.